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Church Events

We have a lot of fun at Christ Fellowship Church.

Palm Sunday & The Flowering of the Cross
Christmas 2014
Church Family Picnic
Outreach to Mellow Mushroom
Ladies Luncheon
Pastor Appreciation Day
Welcoming New Christians with Baptism

Photo Policy 

It is the policy of Christ Fellowship Church to use photographs and videos taken at its various ministry activities, events, and programs in church-produced materials including, but not limited to, bulletins, posters, brochures, newsletters, other printed materials, audio/visual presentations, and on the church website. We do this to enhance the quality of information that we provide to our members, visitors, and our community, as well as to celebrate faith, fellowship and fun shared by the church family. Pictures give visitors a good idea of what we have to offer and what to expect when they attend our church.

However, because the dissemination of photographs and videos cannot necessarily be limited, it is the policy of Christ Fellowship Church to protect the privacy of church members, their minor children, and other individuals whose images are published on the Christ Fellowship Church website and printed materials in accordance with the following:

• Christ Fellowship Church will not publish names or personal information (including age, address, phone number, or email address) with any photos.

• Any adult may request a particular photo be removed from use by submitting a written request to the church office.

• All members of the Christ Fellowship Church Photo Ministry will be screened before photographing children’s events.

• Christ Fellowship Church will not use photographs for commercial use without permission.